Julio Audicana Arcas

Professor of the Production, Technology and Operations Area

Máster en Economía y Dirección de Empresas, (IESE, Universidad de Navarra),
Ingeniero Industrial, (E.T.S.I.I. Universidad de Navarra)

Holder of a Master's Degree in Economics and Business Management, (IESE, Universidad de Navarra - University of Navarre), Industrial Engineer, ((ETSII (Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers) University of Navarre)
Deputy Director General of San Telmo Business School and Professor of the Operations Area. He has headed the Agri-Food Companies Department (1992-2000) and is currently a member of its Advisory Board, where the main companies that comprise the agri-food chain of Spain and Portugal are represented at the highest level. His previous experience focuses on consulting as Project Director related to the Supply Chain of consumer products and the Commercial Distribution sector. Guest Professor (IESE, Spain, IPADE Mexico, AESE Portugal, IDE, Ecuador and PAD, Peru), author of Case Studies, articles and papers related to the current situation and future prospects of the Agri-Food Chain (agricultural production, processing industry and commercial distribution / food service).

He has been a member of several advisory bodies of the Administration at community and national level, is a regular speaker of food industry events and adviser to companies (*) in the sectors: commercial distribution, food service, processed meat, catering, production and marketing of vegetables (Morocco), production and commercialization of fruits, production, financial advice, sweet and chocolate, agri-food and environmental analysis, production and global marketing of vegetables and legumes.

(*) Companies with whom he has collaborated: CAMPOFRÍO FOOD GROUP, TELEPIZZA, DINOSOL, COMESS GROUP, PROAN (Mexico), MAKRO SPAIN, TANY NATURE, RIBEREBRO, UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS, FOUNDATION CRUZCAMPO-HEINEKEN, FULGENCIO SPA, CARLOTAÑA DE ASADOS, CONFIVENDIS, CHOCOLATES VALUE, BODEGAS CAMPOS, CLAVEMAYOR, FENIL AND AGQ LABORATORIES; specializing in accompanying people at the peak of the performance of their work over a long period of time and in embarking on and moderating strategic discussions with the management team on the business model, the implementation of the strategy and / or specific situations of the same.

Areas of interest

  • Changes to the structure and functioning of the food chain on a national and international level
  • The evolution of the channels’ business models (retailing and food service)
  • Vertical and horizontal alliances throughout the food chain