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Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

The Global Leadership Programme works towards bringing together the world's leading entrepreneurs, politicians, and senior managers in an orderly forum for strategic reflection focused on the current global context. The GLP aims to help them consolidate their companies and institutions and make them the engines of future economic growth.

In a constant and increasing acceleration of competitive pressure, it is necessary to reflect with open-minded leaders interested in impactful organizations and passionate about the world we live, in how to deal with the challenges of the post-covid era: innovation, talent orientation, growth, and how to achieve excellence in a global environment.

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Which are the objectives of the GLP Program?


world's leading entrepreneurs, politicians and senior managers, leaders in their sector, who share a global vision and a valuable international network.


how to deal with the disruptive changes (technological, geopolitical and social), business models and governance and management systems needed to lead the future in a global environment.


in innovation and the globalisation of increasingly interconnected markets, as well as the major changes and trends that are shaping the new competitive environment.


driven by a purpose, to design profitable business strategies and services for public institutions, creating shared value, from a sustainability point of view, with committed management teams and an appropriate institutional set-up.


from a balanced approach to globalisation with a long-term vision, define the capabilities needed for business leadership in global environments, social responsibilities and their competitive advantage.


based on the Case Method, with the discussion of new cases of leading companies, round tables and dialogues with CEOs from different continents, with room for in-depth debates.

Case Method

  • Knowledge and experience of business and social leaders.
  • Active learning and networking.
  • Corporate visits.
  • Round tables. Discussions with world leaders.
  • World-class professors.

Programme Content

  • Changes and Trends that are shaping the new global competitive environment.
  • Current Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Strategies and Business Models applied by the world's leading companies.
  • Capabilities required for global business leaders

Class Profile

The GLP programme is specially designed for:

  • Open-minded leaders, interested in impactful organisations and passionate about the world we live in.
  • Chairman and members of the Board of Directors.
  • CEO and C-Suite level leaders.
  • Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.
  • Global Senior Executives.
  • Directors and Partners.
With participants representing more than 10 nationalities from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the US.
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