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PAS. Portugal AgriFOOD Seminar

PAS is an intensive programme for the management of companies in the Portuguese food chain. Its objectives are:

  • Global vision: to improve the global knowledge of the agri-food chain.
  • Acquire a comprehensive perspective of the new trends and challenges faced by the different links in the chain.
  • To develop a strategic capacity to address new trends and realities.
  • Improve self-knowledge and management skills.
A joint initiative of Caja Rural del Sur, Agrimútuo, Lisbon Agriconferences and San Telmo Business School, specialists in training and development in the food sector.

Additional Information

LENTH 4 modules - One and a half days each
PLACE Seville/Lisboa
START DATE 12 November 2024
LENGUAGE Portuguese / Spanish

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Why do the PAS programme with us?


A unique programme to improve the global knowledge of the agri-food chain and the challenges faced by the links that make it up.

Mental gym

Practical, action-oriented; a methodology for professionals who are short on time.


Not only to discover areas for improvement, but also to reaffirm "the things we do well".


Broaden horizons and contacts; detect business opportunities; interact with a group of people with common interests.


Career revitalisation and value creation; PAS marks a before and after for individuals and companies.

Who is it addressed to?

The PAS is for:

  • Decision makers in SMEs and Co-operatives in the Portuguese food chain.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Executive Directors
  • General Managers
  • Other management levels with high responsibility.

Academic Content

New trends

and new challenges in the food chain.

Overall view

of the business to make strategic business decisions.

More and better


New technologies

in the food business.

Case Method


  • Specialised cases on companies in the food and beverage and related sectors.
  • Descriptions of real and complex business situations that pose challenges and difficulties similar to those faced by entrepreneurs and managers in their companies.
  • The cases covered in the PAS Programme are constantly updated. They deal with real experiences of entrepreneurs and managers from companies throughout the food chain who are leaders in their sector.
Deolinda Silva

Deolinda Silva

Executive Director - PORTUGALFOODS

"When innovation and business are addressed together, in a collaborative environment and with benchmarking on real cases in the sector, we have the formula for all of us to leave more enriched in knowledge and, above all, with tools that will help us in decision making. This is Portugal Agrifood Seminar!"
João Ferreira

João Ferreira


"Participating in PAS was a very enriching experience, in which the model of teaching and sharing experiences through the case study methodology was clearly differentiating. In addition, Santelmo took great care in the choice of topics, cases and guests, as well as in the organisation, which was appropriate to the demanding agenda of the participants. A final note for the group, which through its different realities, always brought knowledge in the various reflections and discussions. I strongly recommend participating in PAS, as it will be a unique opportunity to reflect on current and applicable topics in the Agri-Food sector."