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    An accelerator of the knowledge and understanding of the food sector

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What is inFOOD?

It is an international Program and an intensive immersion in the FOOD industry, for executives with certain experience, called to hold top responsibility positions within their companies. The objective is to accelerate the knowledge, understanding, and vision of the dynamics in the global FOOD industry: trends and business models of leading companies that will enhance your ability to help your company succeed in a changing environment.

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DURATION 5 days (Two Modules of 2,5 days)
LOCATION Sevilla and Malaga
DATES Sept 30th -Oct 1st and 2nd 2020 Seville (Module I)
Oct, 28th, 29th and 30th 2020 Malaga (Module II)
PROGRAMME HOURS WED: 9.00 am 7.00pm
THU : 9.00 am 6.30 pm
FRI : 9.00 am 3.00 pm
LANGUAGE English (translation available in Spanish)

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If you agree that...

Consumer preferences and attitudes towards food are evolving in unprecedented (and sometimes unpredictable) ways,

while staying local is important, food has irreversibly become a global business,

business disruption will increasingly impact the food business,

threats do exist for food companies in mature markets, but opportunities outnumber them by far,

future challenges cannot be tackled with past approaches,

understanding what is going on is critical to succeed…

 ...inFOOD is for you!


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Learning with an innovative and practical approach: Case Study Method

No business theories, no traditional lectures. Instead, analyze and discuss recent real-world business cases that set forth the main challenges facing food companies today.


Put yourself in the shoes of the CEO of the company in the case

  • Reflect on what you would do to address the company’s challenges.
  • Discuss your points of view with peers in teamwork groups.

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