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    A strategic immersion in the global food business
    for young leaders of food chain companies.

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What is inFOOD?

A one week intensive immersion

An accelerator of your understanding and vision of global food business dynamics that will enhance your ability to help your company succeed in a changing environment.

Learning with an innovative and practical approach

No business theories, no classical lectures.

Instead, you will analyse and discuss recent business cases from the real world which set out the main strategic challenges that food companies are facing today.

Selected from the extensive and renowned San Telmo food cases library.

Debating with peers, learning from senior executives

Put yourself in the shoes of the CEO of the company described in the case think what you would do to address the challenges, discuss your points of view with peers in teamwork groups, and debate the alternatives in the classroom led by an expert professor.

Debate the strategic dynamics of the food business with senior food executives and thought leaders.

An opportunity to extend your business network

Develop useful contacts for your career and your Company, make friends during the programme team building activities and recreational / social events.


Enjoy the experience!

Additional information

DATES 08 July – 12 July 2019
PROGRAMME HOURS 09:00-19:00 aprox.
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Do you agree that...?

Understanding what is going on is critical to succeed?

CONSUMER PREFERENCES and attitudes towards food are evolving in unprecedented (and sometimes unpredictable) ways?

While staying local is important, food has irreversibly become a GLOBAL business? 

BUSINESS DISRUPTION will increasingly affect the food business? 

THREATS for food companies in mature markets do exist, but OPPORTUNITIES outnumber them by far? 

FUTURE CHALLENGES cannot be tackled with past approaches?

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Case Study Method

  • Case discussions and debates with company executives
  • Interactive dialogues with experts and senior food executives
  • Team building, outdoor activities, social dinners

Program content


Understanding and reaching the new consumer

How are consumers changing? How can food companies respond? What is the right

marketing to reach them?

Competing in mature markets

How to create value? Innovation and brand creationn. Brand leadership vs. cost

leadership. Operational excellence and efficiency.

Bencoming global

Designing the international strategy. Building a global competitive model. How to

cope with the rising protectionist wave? Betting on sustainability.

Innovation and disruption

Life sciences and the future of food. The food tech revolution: responding to global

food supply challenges. Harnessing tech-driven disruption.

The retail revolution

Can we grow in European retail? Digital disruption in retail. The new digital players:

how will they influence global retail? The delivery wave: fast & convenient.

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inFOODers Profile

The inFOOD program is designed for:

Young leaders of food businesses (inheritors of family owned companies, young executives, …), typically aged 28-35, prior business management education (MBA or equivalent) is desirable, but not strictly required.

Participants are expected to have 3-5+ management experience in the food business. Applicants must submit a completed application form and a go through a personal interview.

The admission committee will select a diverse group of highly committed ‘team members’ based on their experience, personal attitudes and potential. The programme is fully taught in english.


Participants from all companies involved in the food chain are welcome:

Agricultural and cattle production, fisheries, food and beverages manufacturing, retail and food service, auxiliary sectors (logistics, biotech, food tech, consulting, agricultural inputs, …).

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