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    An accelerator of the knowledge the global food-sector

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What is inFOOD?

It is a training proposal for executives and managers with certain experience, called to occupy positions of greater responsibility in their companies. The objective is to accelerate the knowledge of how the food business dynamics works, what is happening and what is yet to come, to start contributing in their companies and to build the future value proposition with a global approach.

Additional information

DURATION 5 days (Two Modules of 2,5 days)
LOCATION Sevilla and Malaga
DATES To be confirmed. Seville (Module I)
To be confirmed. Malaga (Module II)
PROGRAMME HOURS 09:00-19:00 aprox.
LANGUAGE English (translation available in Spanish)
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Do you agree that...?

CONSUMER PREFERENCES and attitudes towards food are evolving in unprecedented (and sometimes unpredictable) ways?

While staying local is important, food has irreversibly become a GLOBAL business?

BUSINESS DISRUPTION will increasingly impact the food business?

THREATS do exist for food companies in mature markets, but

OPPORTUNITIES outnumber them by far?

FUTURE CHALLENGES cannot be tackled with past approaches?


"Develop your skills to positively influence the future of your company. Gain a comprehensive vision of the current FOOD business challenges!"


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Case Study Method

  • Case discussions and debates with company executives
  • Interactive dialogues with experts and senior food executives
  • Team building, outdoor activities, social dinners

Program content

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inFOODers Profile

The inFOOD program is designed for:

Senior Executives called to occupy positions of greater responsibility within their companies

The participants must have from 3 to 5 years of experience in the food business

From farm to fork

Participants from all companies involved in the food chain are welcome:

  • Agricultural and cattle production, fisheries.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Retail and food service
  • Auxiliary sectors
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