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    Management and Steering
    of Pharmacy Office´s Program

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Expanding the entrepreneurial outlook of pharmacies

The continuous evolution and major challenges facing the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors increasingly demand greater entrepreneurial training addressed to the persons who manage pharmacy offices.

The Executive Direction and Management of Pharmacy Offices’ Programme is created with the aim of enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of its participants with regards to the pharmacy management. All of the foregoing is tackled in line with the necessary entrepreneurial focus that complements dedication to service and care of patients-customers in the pharmacy.

To achieve this, from San Telmo Business School we will provide an overall outlook on the management process, delving deeper into the specific aspects that comprise it, endowing them with the tools and techniques they need, alongside the exercising of management skills.

The executive Direction and Management of Pharmacy Offices’ Programme is an initiative under the auspices of Bidafarma and San Telmo Business School, whose IX edition will take place in Malaga in October 2019.

Additional information

LENGTH 7 months
PLACE La Coruña
START October 2022 
DAYS Thursdays

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Academic content

What are the aims of the Programme for the Management and Steering of Pharmacy Offices?


Assistance to the person entrusted with the running of the apothecary to adapt its strategy and business model with a view to taking advantage of the sector’s changes and trends.


Contribution of knowledge, tools and skills-sets for the management of the pharmacy as an enterprise.


Detection of opportunities for the apothecary business through the analysis of current and relevant entrepreneurial scenarios.


Design and development of a project for implantation in the respective pharmacies.


Exchanging viewpoints amongst professionals with wide-ranging experience allows for the participants to build their own complete and thorough approach.


Professors and speakers with renowned experience in the field of corporate management and the pharmaceutical sector.

Academic content

  • Governance and management: Knowledge, tools and skills-set to manage the different spheres comprising a Pharmacy Office: sales, internal, financial and economic transaction, people management, legal and fiscal organisation.

  • Professionalisation: Professionalising the apothecary’s duties as a social service as well as an entrepreneurial undertaking.

  • Future and challenges: Expanding the outlook to future challenges that will the sector must overcome.

  • Improvement Plan: Design and development of an Individual Improvement Plan for implementation on the respective pharmacies.

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The PDGOF programme is intended for:

  • Pharmacy Offices Managers
  • Heads of Management at Pharmacy Offices
  • Pharmacy graduates and qualified pharmacists with professional experience, who carry out their duties as deputy manager in the pharmacy
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