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    Senior Management Program
    of the Health sector

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The first program focused on the health sector

The Spanish health-care sector has experienced significant changes within the last years, partly due to the financial crisis of 2008, which led several institutions to a restructuring process of the sector towards a more businesslike management.

Linked to this, the EU is committed to settle a mixed funding system through several directives to make member-states’ health model sustainable and economically viable, along with a change in patients’ needs, increasingly influenced by the global and digital environment.

AD-S is the first program oriented towards the sector that faces this socioeconomic “evolution” focusing on change management and its impact, the patient of the 21st century and Quality Healthcare Models and their redefinition.

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LENGTH 8 months
PLACE Seville
START NORTE (Zaragoza):
26 Sept 2024

CENTRO (Toledo):
12 Dec 2024

SUR (Sevilla-Málaga):
19 Dec 2024
DAYS Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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Case Study Method

Every Program and Course in the San Telmo Business School has the objective of developing the participants’ managerial skills. We use an active and practical teaching method: the Case Study Method.

In sum, a “Case Study” describes a real and complex business situation in which different unanswered questions are posed, similar to those a professional must face in his or her workday.

The Case Study Method is structured in three work steps. These steps are fundamental to take proper benefit from the Program: individual study, teamwork and general session.


  • Governance in Health Organizations
  • Management in Health Organizations
  • Health Systems
  • Managerial skills
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The AD-S Program addresses to:

Senior managers (businesspeople, directors, general managers, managers and executives) from the health sector and other linked sectors (accounting for more than 80% of business). People at the helm from those institutions holding or applying for top positions within the organization (heads of service, specialists, heads of unit and other middle managers).
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