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    Forum of Strategic Reflection
    of the Food Sector

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Forum of Strategic Reflection of the Food Sector

A day to reflect and debate; a meeting and networking space with the main actors of the Food Chain.

The SEMSA Seminar is an annual discussion forum for senior management, whose objective is to reflect on the challenge of competing and generating value in the Food Chain companies, analyzing business models of leading companies and exchanging experiences, approaches and points of view.

It uses the Case Method, Conference-Colloquium and Round Tables as pedagogical instruments. The Cases that are debated in SEMSA are of the maximum actuality and have been expressly written or selected to address the theme of the Seminar, and have, in the subsequent colloquium, the keynote speakers thereof.

SEMSA offers a unique opportunity to analyze the business challenges facing companies in the Food Chain, receive practical ideas of action to address them and establish business relationships at the highest level.

More info: food@santelmo.org

Información adicional

PLACE Sevilla
DATE 22 May 2020
SCHEDULE 10.00 to 19.00h

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Case Study Method

The Case Method is an active and very teaching method practical that is employed by the main Management Schools of all the world. A ‘Case’ is, in short, the description of a real and complex business situation in which various questions, similar to those that the members of the Senior Management of the companies in their daily task or in Some time in your professional life. This teaching method allows us to naturally develop managerial skills and management. The Case Method is structured in three stages of work:

1. Individual Study. Each participant must study previously the Case, conducting a thorough analysis of the situation that poses to define the problems that it observes and choose, between the different possible lines of action, the one that seems more timely.

2. Teamwork. Participants meet in groups reduced, as a steering committee. In this team they expose their views and the conclusions they have reached previously through individual study, contrasting their opinions with those of other colleagues.

3. General Session. Finally the general session, directed by a teacher who takes care that the argument is carried out with order and methodological rigor, in order to obtain conclusions enriching In it, each participant ratifies or modifies their point of view about the situation in the case.

La cita ineludible del sector agroalimentario


Está diseñado y dirigido a:

Empresarios, altos directivos y miembros del Consejo de Administración con responsabilidad de definir o influenciar en la estrategia corporativa de empresas que participan en la Cadena Alimentaria:

  • El Sector Primario (agricultura, ganadería y pesca)
  • Industria de la Transformación Alimentaria
  • Distribución Comercial (mayorista y minorista), restauración y food service
  • Sectores Auxiliares relacionados con la Cadena Alimentaria (logística, biotecnología, consultoría, suministros agrícolas e industriales, instituciones financieras y de capital riesgo, …)

Admisión sujeta a la aprobación por parte del Comité de Admisiones, en función del cumplimiento de los requisitos de experiencia exigidos.

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