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    Forum of Strategic Reflection
    of the Food Sector

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Forum of Strategic Reflection of the Food Sector

A day to reflect and debate; a meeting and networking space with the main actors of the Food Chain.

The SEMSA Seminar is an annual discussion forum for senior management, whose objective is to reflect on the challenge of competing and generating value in the Food Chain companies, analyzing business models of leading companies and exchanging experiences, approaches and points of view.

It uses the Case Method, Conference-Colloquium and Round Tables as pedagogical instruments. The Cases that are debated in SEMSA are of the maximum actuality and have been expressly written or selected to address the theme of the Seminar, and have, in the subsequent colloquium, the keynote speakers thereof.

SEMSA offers a unique opportunity to analyze the business challenges facing companies in the Food Chain, receive practical ideas of action to address them and establish business relationships at the highest level.

More info: food@santelmo.org

Información adicional

PLACE Sevilla
DATE May 27, 2021
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The inevitable appointment of the agri-food sector.


It is designed and aimed at:

Entrepreneurs, senior managers and members of the board of directors who are responsible for defining or influencing the corporate strategy of a company involves in the food chain:

  • Primary Sector (agriculture, livestock and fishing)
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Commercial Distribution (wholesale and retail), catering and food service
  • Auxiliary food chains related to the Food Chain (logistics, biotechnology, consulting, agricultural and industrial supplies, financial and venture capital institutions, ...)

Admission subject to approval by the Admissions Committee, depending on compliance with the required experience.

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