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    San Telmo
    Better people, better
    companies, better society
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    Our objetive
    The training and the
    > managerial perfection

A Center of Excellence for Senior Management

San Telmo Business School is aware of the challenges that companies and public and private institutions must face. Therefore, it provides professional training activities ­-some of which are unique in Europe-, that help senior managers to take increasingly fairer and more sensible decisions as well as to manage effectively and with respect for their collaborators. The main goal of San Telmo Business School is to develop the managerial skills of the participants in its programs. 

San Telmo Business School has its own faculty members whose main activities are teaching, research and advisory services to companies and institutions. Visiting lecturers from different Business Schools complement and reinforce our faculty.

International Outlook

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According to a recent study by the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO in Russia, San Telmo Business School is among the three best business schools specialized in the food sector, with Harvard Business School and Cornell University (USA).
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Location of the different activities carried out by San Telmo Business School.

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San Telmo at a Glance

+10k alumni. 70% registered in the Association. 16 countries of 3 continents with activities carried out by San Telmo
#1 Business School with the highest production of business cases in Spanish 7 areas of expertise: Food, Corporate Governance, Digitalization, Women and Business, Family-Owned Business, Continuous Improvement, SMEs…
#1 in Food Senior Management Training in the World 56% Alumni are member of the Member Association.

Governance Structure

Fundación San Telmo was founded on July 28 1982 in Seville. Its creation came about as a result of the impulse, enthusiasm and altruistic contribution of a group of businesspeople and institutions that make up San Telmo’s Board of Trustees today. Fundación San Telmo carries out its activities through its own institution: San Telmo Business School, supported by a Board of Directors that leads and inspires the development and expertise of the activities.

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Our Mission

Fundación San Telmo’s main objective can be summarized in a single sentence:

Better people, better companies, better society.

Through training and improving the managerial skills of businesspeople, senior managers and politicians, we can help them take fairer and more effective decisions, creating an impact on the strength and soundness of the companies and, therefore, positively influencing society and generating a greater wealth.

Since its foundation, Fundación San Telmo has managed to fulfil the dreams of a group of institutions and businesspeople who, altruistically and not for profit, shared their enthusiasm with the determination to achieve a better society.

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Avenida de Carlos Haya, 165