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    Continuous Development Program

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An Innovation and Academic Development Think Tank

The Continuous Development Program is the real San Telmo’s innovation and academic development think tank. Above all, we would like to answer all your concerns not only globally but also specifically. We will follow the academic structure we have already used in previous editions focusing our answering efforts into Trends, Tools and Areas of Expertise. 

As we did last year, we will offer a four-day session in Madrid and single-day sessions in other parts of Spain.

Our objective is to expand our continuous development mission to our Alumni in central Spain and, therefore, encourage a greater networking.  Besides, we have included a two-day session cycle of new business realities dealing with original business models within the digital disruption environment.

Additional information

LENGTH 9 months
PLACE Different cities
DATE From October 2018 to June 2019
WHEN Morning session
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Registration Fee

  • The Continuous Development Program is only addressed to San Telmo’s Alumni and there will be half-day or full-day sessions. Lunch is included in both cases.
  • Information concerning detailed subject and content of sessions and dates will be provided every month. Information will be sent via e-mail and published on the Alumni Association website.
  • Any non-member Alumni registered in the full Program will automatically become a member of the Alumni Association and will take advantage of all the services the Association offers during one academic year.
  • Any session included in this newsletter may be susceptible to change concerning content, date or lecturers. All Alumni will be informed of any change. Likewise, San Telmo’s Faculty can add new and appropriate sessions throughout the academic year.
  • In order to attend a session, it is necessary to confirm your attendance in advance using the Alumni Association website or via e-mail. For logistical reasons, we would appreciate if you would inform us in advance in case you are not able to attend a session. In-session documents will be available in the Continuous Development Program website.
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