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LIDL vs. ALDI: The discount wave

Marisa Martínez Jiménez| Julio Audicana Arcas| Gabriel Ochoa de Zabalegui
Aldi and Lidl, leading German retailers in the discount phenomenon in Europe, have similar business models. Based on operational simplicity and their own brands, they argue that quality and price are not incompatible. In 2023, their commitment to Spain is clear, with both aiming to double their turnover in the next five years. The timing seems opportune due to the loss of purchasing power among families and the lack of interest in spending time and money on general household food shopping. However, consumers are not willing to forgo an attractive and contemporary shopping experience, and each company seeks to interpret this in its own way.


Growth Private Label Brands (PLB) Efficiency Own Brands Retail Supermarket Discount


Production, Technology and Operations Management








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