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Alibaba Group: An ecosystem at the service of global digitization

Julio Audicana Arcas| Marisa Martínez Jiménez
By 2020, ALIBABA was the most powerful technology company in China and one of the leading companies on the planet. Its goal was to facilitate business anywhere in the world by creating an ecosystem where each company was free to set its own strategy. Alibaba’s bet on Spain, a bridgehead for Europe, was taking-off the ground during times of upheaval due to tensions in international trade and the health situation caused by the COVID-20 pandemic. The "new normal" had accelerated eCommerce in all product categories, and digitization was perceived as a more pressing matter than ever. This seemed like the perfect moment for this market to get to know and use the enormous potential of the Asian giant. However, it was not an easy task.


New Retail Digital Ecosystem Digitalization Alibaba Aliexpress E-Commerce


Production, Technology and Operations Management










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