Appraisal of business decisions from a financial viewpoint, using conceptual models, procedures and techniques that help achieve the two basic financial aims: the long-term survival of the company and the generation of profitability for the shareholder.

  • Financial planning and the operational needs of funds.

  • Management of current assets and liabilities.

  • Analysis of the profitability of investments.

  • Company-bank relations.

  • Financial diagnostic techniques.

  • Composition of permanent resources.

  • Valuation of companies, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Financial policies: (indebtedness, dividends, investments) as strategic aid to the creation of value.

Professors belonging to the area

Berenguer Cárceles, Emma

Profesora Asociada del Área de Finanzas

Caballero Juliá, Francisco Javier

Associate Professor of the Finance Area

Jiménez Planas, Esteban

Associate Professor of the Finance Area

López Polo, Isauro

Head of Scientific Personnel and Professor of the Finance Area

Mor Figueras, Josep

Associate Professor of the Finance Area