Analysis of Business Situations

Development of the basic skills to undertake the diagnosis and solution of complex problems, following a scientific method in decision-making processes: 'The Case Study Method'.

  • Defining and prioritizing genuine issues in a given situation.

  • Thereby teaching us to carry out deep verification analyses, both on a qualitative and quantitative level.

  • Illustrating and establishing assessment criteria.

  • Fostering the generation of alternatives.

  • Allowing for the analyzing of the influence of particular interests in the proposed alternatives.

  • Helping us to make decisions and establish coherent action plans to carry them out.

  • Delving deeper into the consequences of managerial decisions.

  • Identifying and limiting the risks of managerial and business situations and analyzing how to control them.

Professors belonging to the area

Hidalgo Pérez, Antonio-Abad

Professor and Head of the People Management in the Organization Area and Professor in the Analysis of Business Situations Area.

Olaya Estefan, Eduardo

Associate Professor and Head of the Analysis of Business Situations Area and Professor of Business Policy