Personal Communication for Business

Communication, due to being essential in any human relationship, is similarly vital in the business world. The ability to present ideas in front of an audience takes on a special bearing nowadays.

Transforming fear of speaking in public into stimulating energy, thus providing greater security and self-confidence.

Development of the skills to structure ideas and diverse messages in an orderly, thorough and attractive fashion, adapting them to their listeners.

Improvement of the usage and resources of oral language in public.

Training to motivate and inspire the audience into action, conviction through arguments.

Development of the use of visual and personal techniques to attract attention.

Professors belonging to the area

Aguirre Berruezo, Joaquín

Director of the E-MBA Program, Associate Professor of the Personal Communication Area for Businesses, People Management in the Organization

Amuedo Dorantes, José Miguel

Associate Professor and Head of the Legal and Fiscal Environment and Negotiation Area and Professor of Personal Communication for Business

Martín López-Soldado, Raquel

Associate Professor of the Personal Communication for Business Area

Velilla Barquero, Ricardo

Professor Emeritus of the Personal Communication for Business Area