Josep Mor Figueras

Associate Professor of the Finance Area

Diplomado en Perfeccionamiento Directivo (IESE, Universidad de Navarra), Máster en Estudios Humanísticos y Sociales (Universitat Abat Oliba CEU de Barcelona), Post-grado en Derecho Financiero y Tributario (Colegio Universitario Abad Oliva), Licenciado en Ciencias Empresariales (Universidad de Barcelona)

Holder of a Diploma in Management Improvement (IESE, Universidad de Navarra - University of Navarre), Master in Humanistic and Social Studies (Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona), Postgraduate qualification in Financial and Tax Law (Colegio Universitario Abad Oliva - Abad Oliva University College), Bachelor of Business Studies (Universidad de Barcelona - University of Barcelona)
Professor Josep Mor Figueras has been a professor in several business schools and guest lecturer in different Latin American business schools: namely, EADA, EOI, Universidad Internacional de Cataluña - International University of Catalonia, Universidad Católica del Perú - Catholic University of Peru, Centrum Business School. He is a managing partner of JMor Capital, a consultancy firm specializing in corporate finance and a founding partner of FACEL VEGA (holding company), JUS UNUM and FRACTALIA. As a specialist in the Corporate side, he is a member and adviser to different Boards of Directors of different companies, many of them family members.

He has developed his professional activities since 1988, having accumulated extensive experience in the areas of internal audit, corporate governance, strategy. He is the author of numerous Case Studies, articles and different works that study the relationship between business strategies, business models and the creation of value for the shareholder.


Areas of interest

  • Valuation
  • Business models
  • Strategy
  • Family-run businesses
  • Professionalization of a family-run business