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The professional career of a Nestlé executive. Laurent Freixe

Antonio García de Castro| Rocío Reina Paniagua
Laurent Freixe started working at Nestlé more than 40 years ago. Throughout his career he had been taking on new challenges at all levels, from the point of view of his assignments as well as geographically. He had been acquiring greater responsibilities, reaching a position on the company's Executive Committee, leading the business of an entire continent. So far I had managed to achieve the objectives and obtain good results. But the situation that was being experienced worldwide at that time worried him. He still had a lot to deal with to continue making Nestlé's growth model a reality. He still had a lot to contribute to the goal of the company that had seen him grow as a professional.


Career Professional Commitment Development Leadership Agri-food Multinational Business Policy Purpose Nestle People Management


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