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The Nestle Organisation (B): Professional Commitment

Rocío Reina Paniagua| Antonio García de Castro
The case describes the evolution of how to manage people at Nestlé. Since the changes that have occurred in the s HR department itself and how it has walked a bureaucratic company to an absolutely personal one, in the words of the leaders of the Group: "a company focused on procedures to a people focused one", to how in recent years, has designed a new HR strategy, with more procedures that seek to adapt to the environment and succeed in engaging all the people that work at Nestle. It describes the recruitment policies, career development, training, performance evaluation and compensation, as well as aspects of company culture and the situation of women in it. This enables the participants of the programs to learn the tools and the aspects that are valued in the management of people in a multinational company like Nestle, which employs over 275,000 people and where work people of more than 150 different nationalities.


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