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The horsemeat crisis in Europe and Nestle's initiative (A)

Antonio García de Castro| Rocío Reina Paniagua| José Antonio Boccherini Bogert
In January 2013, as a result of a routine authenticity test carried out in Ireland, traces of horsemeat were found in certain beef products. There were some major retailers concerned. In that momento a crisis appears in Europe were consumers satrted to doubt about the safety and tracebility of th products they are eating. Nestlé, which is very aware of what its consumer thinks, inmediatly answered and checked that they weren’t affected. However, José Lopez, Executive Vice President of Operations wanted to have all the information and organize a meeting. Was too hasty calling a meeting? Did Nestlé really have to do anything?What actions had to be proposed? What decisions had to be taken?


Liderazgo Servicios Operaciones Alimentación Análisis Decisiones Estrategia Política Empresa Calidad Comunicación Empresarial Dirección General Comunicación Personas


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