Pablo Foncillas Díaz-Plaja

Sales Associate Professor

Licenciado en Derecho, MBA del IESE Buisness School y doctorado en transofrmación digital por la Universidad de Navarra

Educated at the Swiss School, holds a degree in Law and an MBA from IESE Business School (Navarra University) and a PhD in digital transformation from the same academical institution. He also holds a Harvard Business School diploma in good corporate governance and effective boards of directors. Apart from his academic work –a decade as member of the faculty at IESE–, he is a speaker and consultant and has worked as an executive in various industries. He has contributed to the commercial development of some 200 brands in more than 25 countries, in sales roles or in general management functions as an integrated member of the Executive Committee.

Author or co-author of six books, he is a regular contributor on the Harvard Deusto Business Review, and frequently publishes articles in the general press, specialized and management, as well as writing cases.

Currently, an important part of his research focuses on the dynamics of the transformation of business sectors, especially in those related to the digital environment and its impact on commercial models. His academic activity has led him to give classes to students from IESE BS, San Telmo, NYU Stern, ESE Chile, IDE Ecuador, UCD Smurfit Ireland, Universidad del Pacífico Lima, INSEAD-CEDEP, among other institutions in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Additionally, he is a member of the advisory boards of Línea Directa and Globalpraxis, and is a trustee of Fundación Exit. He has been a TED speaker, as well as a regular speaker on boards of directors and executive committees, where he participates in international programs for executives on e-commerce, omnichannel, marketing, trends, sales and route to market.

Autor o coautor de cinco libros, es colaborador habitual de HarvardDeusto Business Review, y publica con regularidad artículos en prensa generalista, especializada y de gestión, además de casos.


Areas of interest

  • E-commerce
  • Omni-channeling
  • Social Networks
  • Trends
  • Sales
  • Route-to-market
  • Business communication
  • Marketing