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Campari Group.Toasting life together (Abridged)

Rocío Reina Paniagua| Antonio García de Castro| Vicenzo Marino
The Campari Group was a major player in the global branded spirits industry, with more than 50 premium and super premium brands in over 190 markets worldwide and a leader in Europe and the Americas. Campari's business model was based on maintaining steady growth of global and regional priority brands to improve margin, increase the Group's presence in high-potential markets, and steadily reduce costs and optimize resources. The Group also aimed to attract, engage, and develop individuals who fit the company's corporate culture and to strengthen sustainability in an effort to increase stakeholder trust and loyalty. The Group's future depended on it.


Business Model Agribusiness Finance Governance Listed company Beverages Multinational Horeca Growth


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DGI-365-E (Abridged)


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