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A business school under constant development

Supporting San Telmo means that we can attract the brightest minds and help them to thrive in an increasingly competitive business world.

San Telmo’s Alumni and partners help us through funding to walk together beyond business and to strengthen our position amongst the most prestigious business schools.

These funds provide the participants with the best facilities, such as the Alumni Room, at the cutting edge of technology, located in our headquarters in Seville.

They also support groundbreaking research in business, political and social issues affecting organizations from all industries and continents.

Get Involved with San Telmo

Contributing to San Telmo’s brand and reputation growth means to improve future business and to increase the visibility of the supporting company. The following supporting activities are among the most effective:

Sponsorship of Activities

Financial contribution to support activities or seminars

This contribution helps to cover some costs of the event and reduces registration fees for participants.

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board integration and financial contribution

Apart from facilitating its development, it gives advice and guidance on the research of every specialization.

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Business Study Case Contributions

Financial contribution to the production of business study cases

The supporting of the production of business study cases about interesting issues for Chairs or Research Centers ensures the success of the Study Case Method.

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Financial donation by a company or by an individual

San Telmo is able to keep on playing the important role of business developer due to the financial support.

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Contact Person

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Ana Clara Maestre
Tlf. 954 975 004
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Tax Benefits

Fundación San Telmo is a non-profit organization and donations result in tax reductions on IRPF (income tax) and IS (corporate tax).

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