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Senior Management for Companies of the Agri-Food Chain (ADEA)

The ADEA program is taught by IPADE and San Telmo Business School. Its aim is to improve the skills of entrepreneurs and managers in both the public and private sectors, whose organisations are part of the agri-food sector.

Through the analysis of each link in the chain and issues related to the specific areas of all businesses, participants will be sought to take better advantage of human, financial, strategic, commercial and technological resources to achieve greater competitiveness and thus differentiate their products and services with respect to other countries, regions and companies.

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DURATION 5 months (5 modules of 10 sessions 3 days per month)
LOCATION Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City

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Why embark on the ADEA program?


Development of thinking frameworks to design and implement new, more competitive and profitable business  strategies.


Increasing the capacity to lead organizations, align, build trust and commitment, and develop the capacities, values and virtues of its members, which facilitate the enforcement of the organization's strategy.


Improve the exercise of prudence in the decisions of senior management: Analysis, diagnosis and formulation of action plans.


Exchange experiences with Entrepreneurs, and Managers, current participants and former students, in positions of the highest responsibility of companies in the Agri-food chain.


This will boast the guidance and advice of the in-house and international Teaching Staff, linked to the managerial and business practices within the sector.


Reflect and learn from participants and professors at the highest level about current issues and opportunities that are disruptive to the business and 100% focused on the Food Chain and its impact on companies in the sector.

ADEA Structure

Who is this project devised for?

Presidents, entrepreneurs, directors, general managers and functional managers with extensive managerial experience in the sector, whose companies are part of any link in the agri-food chain.

Academic content

  • The political and economic environment in the agri-food sector
  • The primary sector
  • Industry of transformation
  • Distribution channels
  • Competitiveness and efficiency
  • Profitability and financing
  • Management of people, companies and communities
  • Leaderships and management
  • Control and information
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