The Advisory Council of Extremadura gathers to discuss future projects

Today a meeting of the School Advisory Council of Extremadura from San Telmo Business School has been held in Badajoz, aimed at discussing projects for the next academic year 2020-2021.

This Council meets twice a year for almost three decades to discuss issues related to training and development of businesspeople and managers from Extremadura, to translate them into programs and seminars provided in the region.

These activities are aimed primarily at corporate senior management and they are focused on lifelong learning.

During today's meeting, Professor José Luis García del Pueyo offered a conference entitled "Orientation towards the coming world", where it was considered the biggest challenge facing business leaders today to maintain competitiveness and profitable growth in the increasingly turbulence and disruptive context.

Of all our former students, about 500 are businesspeople and managers from Extremadura. For this reason, it was born the Advisory Council, to respond to this sector needs and to transfer the business reality of Extremadura to the School representatives. This helps in order for the training sessions and the cases studies written to be useful for the program participants in their everyday lives.