A new intake of the DEA course get underway in Madrid

On November 27, the DEA Program commenced, which once again is held in Madrid, now for the fortieth year, with almost fifty participants. The Food Business Management Program was the first food training program launched by the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, more than 30 years ago, and through which a large number of entrepreneurs and managers of the food sector have been participants. In addition to the  programs held of Madrid and the one to be held in Seville from March 7, this program has been taught in other editions in Bilbao, Mérida, Santiago, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Jerez, Huelva and Almería. 

It is aimed at entrepreneurs and senior managers with extensive professional experience and who occupy positions of maximum responsibility, belonging to all the links of the Food Chain (primary sector, transformation industry, commercial distribution and related services). Some of the DEA course's aims are to bring together people with shared interests in the food sector to hone their managerial skills, learn about trends in the food sector, discuss the changing environment and how it affects their businesses, share experiences and identify areas of strategic collaboration between their businesses. The Food Business Management Program is already a national benchmark among the programs aimed at entrepreneurs and senior managers of the food sector, as there is no other Program with similar characteristics in Spain.

Inaugural DEA Madrid