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About HEC Ecosystem Training Department

The Health Ecosystem Training Department (HEC) is a line of research launched by San Telmo Business School, with the intention of responding to the training needs of the people who occupy positions of responsibility in public and private companies in the health sector.

It was created with the objective of advising and guiding this Business School on the issues that concern the leading companies in the Health Ecosystem, so that, through its training offer, it responds to the main challenges and opportunities that the Senior Management of this sector is facing today. Among other training activities, HEC offers specialised training for Senior Healthcare Management through the Senior Management Programme for the Healthcare Sector (AD-S).

HEC has an Advisory Board whose mission is to provide guidance and recommendations on issues of interest to senior healthcare management.


Advise and respond to the main challenges and opportunities senior managers face in the health sector today.


Main lines of research

Health Ecosystem Training will focus on the following areas:

Associated Programmes

Management development


Provides a global vision of each and every one of the management areas of Healthcare Institutions, as well as offering a toolbox that allows you to deal effectively with the changes that characterise the healthcare sector.

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It is made up of leading companies in the Health Ecosystem or entities related to it. The incorporation of companies into the Board requires the approval and presentation of the member companies that make up the Board at that time. They are represented by senior officers belonging to the Presidency, General Management or Board of Directors. This appointment is personal and cannot be delegated. Incorporation is formalised with the signing of the corresponding Business Collaboration Agreement.

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