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Quality problems in “El Rey del Langostino"

Miguel Ángel Llano Irusta
The case focuses on Ignacio Iriarte and his quandaries. He has just been hired in “El Rey del Langostino”, a seafood plant of a food group in Burgos, as Director of Total Quality Management.
After attending an in-house training course, Ignacio learned from his immediate subordinate that there was a problem on the prawn packaging line. Ignacio decided to investigate the event and he discovered that it was not just a one-off. There were problems with the new modified atmosphere packaging equipment on the prawn production line and some batches had been below the strict limits of air-tightness demanded by the company, although they were within the standards required by customers. Especially worried about food safety problems, Ignacio dug into last week’s problem and discovered several possible causes. He also discovered how the company routinely works in all its functions.


Estrategia Producción Calidad


Production, Technology and Operations Management










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