Open Day inFOOD. Kimitec: changing the world through the way food is produced

Online 21 of February of 2023 Hour: 16:00h

Welcome to the inFOOD Program

An intensive immersion in the FOOD industry for entrepreneurs and executives with some years of experience in companies of the food chainParticipants are welcome from companies of all steps in the food chain, from farm to fork.

The goal of inFOOD is to accelerate the knowledge, understanding and vision of the dynamics in the Global FOOD industry: trends that shape the sector, and new business models of leading companies. It will enhance your ability to help your company succeed in a changing environment. It is an opportunity to join a valuable network of young and not so young international leaders.

Sign up for this free session. We will discuss together a case-study, KIMITEC strategy, and will share final conclusions with the Co-founder & International CEO of this young Company, who will take questions from you.

Kimitec is a scale-up biotechnology company founded from scrap in 2007 by 4 young entrepreneurs. Beyond research, they also manufacture and market their own products throughout the world. Its Vision: to change the world through the way food is produced. Their motto: make things happen. Its turnover went from €19 M (2020) to €35M (2021). In 2022 the CEO of Santander Bank, Antonio Simões, stated “Kimitec it is one of the scaleups with the greatest chances of becoming the most profitable unicorn in the years to come”.

TIMETABLE (CES Time; Madrid-Berlin)