Open Day inFOOD. EUROPASTRY: Designing the international strategy.

Online 21 of March of 2024 Hour: 15:30h

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inFOOD is an ACCELERATOR of the knowledge and understanding of the food business, its keys and its challenges. An intensive immersion in the FOOD industry that includes discussion of the most current business cases and conferences with senior managers of the main companies in the agri-food sector.
inFOOD is designed for managers with some experience in the sector, "high potential" and managers who have joined the company from other sectors.

Participants are welcome from companies of all steps in the food chain, from farm to fork. It is an opportunity to join a valuable network of international leaders

Sign up for this FREE SESSION. We will discuss together a Case-study, EUROPASTRY: Designing the international strategy. We will be joined by Mr. Ramón Núñez, Board Member at Europastry to draw conclusions and learn about their current situation.

Europastry was the leader in the Spanish and Portuguese markets of frozen part-baked dough for bread and pastry. After growing between 1996 and 2008 at an average yearly rate of 15%, market growth fell to a 2,2% average rate since 2008 due to market maturation. Europastry defined internationalization as a strategic priority, exploring different opportunities. The efforts so far had taken the international sales to 12% of the total, but the company thought it was necessary to rise it further to 25% or 30%. In January 2012, the opportunity to acquire Panibel arises, a Belgian manufacturer, with good industrial facilities, and Europastry’s management must decide whether to present an offer or not. This decision requires a thorough definition of the company’s internationalization strategy.

  • What are the criteria for defining a successful internationalization?
  • How to choose the right markets and tools (eg. acquiring a local company vs installing with a greenfield approach)?
  • Does internationalization strengthen domestic business?
  • How does internationalization support the corporate strategic goals?


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Welcome to the inFOOD Program.
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Teamwork: Case-study EUROPASTRY  

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Designing the international strategy.
Case Study Discussion

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DGI-241-E Europastry: Internationalisation
Prof. José Antonio Boccherini
Guest Speaker: Mr. Ramón Núñez, Board Member, Europastry

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Ramón Núñez
Board Member at Europastry