XXI International Meeting of Teachers of Business Policy

Last November 11-12th took place at the Seville headquarters of San Telmo Business School the XXI International Meeting of Professors of Business Policy. This meeting, which is held once a year, has become a landmark date for academics of this area. Year by year the event has being evolving, growing and getting beyond until being consolidating as the perfect occasion for teachers to express their ideas and engage in an enriching debate.

The objective is to reflect and to look deep at what can help participants to better understand their management task, provide them with principles, references and tools for helping them to move forward into action. Therefore, for San Telmo Business School is clear that it is crucial to have a critical thinking and, at the same time, to know and appreciate what others think; always open and without a subordinate cultural.

One of the keys lies in approaching companies and writing good case studies, learning from the experience of others. Following the business trajectory of companies for 10-15 years helps to understand the reality better than only taking specific approaches. This requires a lot of study and research.

Attendees come from different business schools in the world. An international event in which its participants take the opportunity to enrich themselves with diverse points of view and experiences. This year, it is remarkable the presence of professor Kimio Kase, an expert in corporate strategy and one of the main authority figures in the sector.

El profesor Kase ha participado en el proyecto de investigación conjunto Professor Kase has participated in the joint research project of Great Britain and Japan on the corporate-level strategy, conducted under the sponsorship of the Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the University of Manchester. His vision of the two cultures rise an interesting comparison offered by a first class teacher and professional. Mr. Kase has extensive experience in the field of world trade and business management, and he is currently professor at IESE.

His research focuses on the transformational leadership from the viewpoint of leaders’s mental schemes. In 2000 he attended as a guest profesor at the "China Europe International Business School" in Shanghai and subsequently he has been a visiting professor at ICU (Japan), Piura (Peru) and Yonsei (Korea).

Through 22 presentations, they reflected and learned about the challenges facing Europe today. The main objective is to set a precedent with the most experienced teachers, during two days in which they spend time together enriching each other's ideas.

Two years ago, the International Business Policy Advisory Council launched and encouraged this meeting. This edition has dealt with a lots of methodological and conceptual issues: business policy models, the role of a teacher, government schemes, geopolitical issues, the role of Europe in the world, as well as challenges facing business schools.