Two new intakes to the PPD Program begin their studies

Recently, the inaugural of two new intakes to the Executive Improvement Program (PPD) that the Instituto Internacional San Telmo teaches both in Malaga and Seville has taken place.

This program, aimed at departmental and functional directors or directors of geographical areas, aims to improve management skills and develop the abilities and global vision of its participants so that, through the carrying out of their duties, they may collaborate effectively with management general in accomplishing the company's aims.

The program is run over 20 days, but instead of the traditional weekly schedule, it has been designed so that these managers attend the Institute every two weeks, a fact that makes it extraordinarily easy to combine it with other duties and their busy schedules

This Program contributes to the personal and professional maturation of the participant due to the improvement of their preparation, initiative, strength and general business sense. In this way, participants can undertake functions of maximum responsibility with ease, contributing to the development and growth of the organizations where they provide their services.