The renewed of Alumni website to offer you the best services

We have completely renewed our private alumni website to improve the users experience with a modern, simple and rather intuitive design. Beside the services already offered several additions have been made to the site to make it mooch more complete and useful for the former students.

On the new private Alumni website one will be able to obtain further information among other functionalities:

  • Inmediate of data at any time by a single click.
  • Automatically register future events withouthaving to fill in the application.
  • Contact the other fellow member promotion through an individual or group chat.
  • Review one's academic achievement.
  • Direct access to the services of the Member Ship Association.
  • Browse the directory of the more than 11,500 alumni (only for the members of the assembly)

The pursued aim of this project is to provide former students easier to provided. Furthermore, the website is given a more innovative and modern layout by improving its access and personalization of the content, the servicesoffered as well as the promotion of networkcces among Alumni which promotes the insight into experience of being member of San Telmo Business School. 

For such development of the projet we rely on Iwan21 by virtue of its portal and user management characterisitics. Owing toan experience of more than 15 years in providing technological solutions for companies, the result given is a functional website accessible from and a mobile application in process, which has simplified and personalized management to the maximum of its contents.