“Tailor-made” Professional Training

Over the last seven years, this business school has carried out more than 300 tailor-made training projects with an enthralling and diverse ensemble of firms and collectives.

Faced with a continually more competitive and ever-changing environment, companies have begun to focus their budgetary efforts on improving the professional training of their employees. They are well aware that this facet can no longer be seen as an expense, moreover a strategic investment. In this sense, more and more companies are viewing training as a senior management tool to foster changes within the organization. The human team is the backbone of any company and being capable of transmitting the ideas and basic strategic lines the company wishes to follow, has become a necessity. Undertaking this in an educational ambience outside the workplace facilitates this and programs which adapt to the needs of each firm, make this possible.

For this reason, there are on the market an endless series of training formulae that help to accomplish the aims proposed. However, large-scale companies tend to opt for tailor-made syllabuses or “in company” programs that mold perfectly to their training needs and which the Instituto I. San Telmo has backed for more than a decade.

The first stage in the design of this type of syllabus is to identify the genuine needs of each one of the companies through the holding of meetings with their senior management. The aim is to design programs that tackle the essential challenges faced by each one of the organizations and the development needs of the individuals who comprise them. In short, the purpose is to create programs that effectively solve a unique strategic challenge to be overcome by said organization.

To respond to the growing demand that companies have in the sphere of customized training programs, the Instituto I. San Telmo has extraordinarily widened the scope of its activity in the design and undertaking of these specific programs for the individual needs of numerous companies

Each organization is different and contains its own structure and ambitions. For this reason, each company poses a problematic which, occasionally, may not be successfully tackled using traditional or  streamlining programs offered by this business school, thus, one must deal with details that affect leadership, specific management needs, the distribution of certain products or certain high-technology sectors, to meet this demand.

Amongst these specific seminars and programs, particularly noteworthy is the “Carrefour Future Leaders” program, developed by Carrefour itself on an international level, that meets each year in our Malaga offices, bringing together executives from this multi-national firm from more than seven countries.

Coca Cola Iberian Partners also placed its trust in San Telmo to train more than 150 executives from all functional areas. The program that was designed for this multi-national featured major practical content, focusing on action and highly useful and high-impact on the attendees in their respective executive management duties. It was, for the participants, a revealing and bonding experience which, undoubtedly, contributed to the bolstering of the senior management team that lead and form this company.

Furthermore, companies such as Sovena, Heineken, Campofrío, Makro, Airbus, Landaluz, Ángel Camacho, Tany Nature, Deloitte, Grefusa, Grupo Siro, Cepsa, Consum, DIA or Bidafarma have turned to Instituto I. San Telmo’s teaching facilities to provide their employees with this type of training, seeking out answers to their specific needs.