Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría reflects on women's leadership in business at San Telmo Business School Málaga

Yesterday, it was held the conference/colloquium “Impact of Female Leadership on Corporate Governance in Business” at the San Telmo Business School headquarters in Malaga. This activity is part of the "Chair in Women, Business and Society", launched by this business school four years ago.

The meeting was attended by Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, former vice president of the Spanish government, former member of the Council of Ministers, and current partner of Cuatrecasas (a law firm on the Iberian Peninsula specialized on all areas of business law).

During the session, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría shared her experience and knowledge, first, her career in the Government of Spain and, second, concerning her new stage as a partner of an international law firm.

After the conference, the state attorney took part in an interesting colloquium with the members of the Chair in Women, Business and Society, where they reflected on aspects related to the role and contribution of women in business organizations.

According to her, diversity in Corporate Governments of companies will only be real when society internalizes the role of women in business at the same level as men. Legislation, by itself, will hardly this wish become a reality.

Additionally, she stressed that women in companies still have to break certain barriers that men supposedly have already overcome.

She concluded by encouraging all participants to keep fighting because “the problem is not failure but not daring to try”.

The moderator for questions was Prof. David Moreno, specialized in Corporate Governance at San Telmo Business School.

After that, it was held an Alumni Meeting with former students at the Business School in Malaga. Soraya took part in a round-table to discuss and reflect on corporate governance. Over 140 alumni participated in these activities.