San Telmo Business School and HOY collaborate on a guide to make visible the Extremaduran business networks

HOY Diario de Extremadura and San Telmo Business School offer readers the Extremaduran business directory

Last Thursday, June 18, it was held the presentation of the 'Who's Who' directory published jointly by Hoy Diario de Extremadura and San Telmo Business School. The event was hosted virtually, due to the circumstances caused by the Covid-19. For the moment, the directory will be only available online, but by September it is expected to have it on hard copy.

This guide -made it possible thanks to the sponsorship of Ibercaja, Quirón Salud, Badajoz City Council and the collaboration of Axesor- includes more than 950 business references with in-depth analysis of each sector in the region and its contribution in Extremadura.

The event, led by the HOY head of the Local and Regional area, Luis Expósito, began with opening remarks by the General Director of San Telmo Business School, Juan Pérez Gálvez. After that, he passed the floor to the HOY Director, Manuela Martín and to the Mayor of Badajoz, Francisco Javier Fragoso, with encouraging words to the good behavior of the economy in Extremadura and the upcoming scenario.

The main objective of this initiative is to put a face to the business networks of the community. "Extremadura has benchmark companies at regional, national and international levels and it is made for business development," said Juan Pérez Gálvez, general director of the Business School.

The great geographical extension of the Extremadura region means dispersed business networks and, often, unrelated businessmen not even knowing that they share a sector with other companies in which they can rely on for their development. This directory aims to facilitate connections between different companies, and by being open to updates the number of companies will grow over time.