Effort and resilience are family matters

Yesterday it started a new edition of the Fundamentals of Family-Owned Business Program, fundamental core for the strength of the economy and job creation.

The beginning of July brings the start of a new edition of Fundamentals of Family-Owned Business Program. No two companies are the same, nor two families are identical. When both are united in one, the complexity multiplies. This fact is very often in our autonomous community. 

The Fundamentals of Family-Owned Business Program is one of the activities supported by the BBVA Chair of Family-Owned Business at San Telmo. This year it turns 25 years old accompanying this kind of companies and their concerns. It extends its work through 12 itinerant locations between Andalusia, Extremadura, Madrid and Miami.

Four out of five Andalusian enterprises (81.2 %) are family-owned. They represent a clear example of pride in belonging, effort, resilience, entrepreneurial spirit and a management model based on trust. However, almost 50 % of the managers of Andalusian family-owned businesses lack university training.

San Telmo accompanies entrepreneurs in the challenge lies in institutionalizing the company, so it survives its founder. Professionalizing business management is one of the main challenges and that managers, whether family or external, are trained for the position.

Conscious of this, the new edition of the course that started yesterday aims to research and carry out training activities to take a close look at the characteristics and specific problems of these businesses, helping them to face some of their own problems, such as succession and conflict of interest between family and business.

The current situation and the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 emphasize the need for quality training to guide and accompany business managers.

Given its importance in our country economy, this learning is critical for the recovery of the activity and the sustainability of our economy to be well grounded.