AD-S concludes its first edition

The first healthcare programme

The Healthcare Management Programme, AD-S, has recently concluded at the headquarters of this business school in Seville. The programme has been jointly taught by San Telmo Business School, the Orden de San Juan de Dios (Order of Saint John of God) and the Alianza de la Sanidad Privada Española (Spanish Private Health Alliance).

The training, which started in June 2017, aimed to find solutions to the sector shortages to face its economic and social transformation challenges.


Thus, almost a hundred participants took part in the programme, mostly managers and heads of hospital services, in both the public and private sectors, as well as in pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, etc. They learned tools, during the eight months, to find solutions to specific issues affecting the sector.

A new AD-S edition, in April 2019

After a successful first edition and the high level of participants’ satisfaction, a new edition of the Healthcare Management Programme will be launched by San Telmo next April.

AD-S provides a global vision of the different functional areas of health Institutions, as well as a toolbox that enables to effectively adapt to changes that characterize the health sector, including the institutional configuration and its impact on the strategies of the institution and the optimization (clinical and economic), the design, implementation and execution of the strategic service and operations management, integrating the different levels of patient care, communication , risk management, as well as the evaluation and improvement of people.

The ADS programme is aimed at Senior Management (entrepreneurs, CEO, general managers, and executives) of the health sector and health-related sectors (more than 80 % of its activity), as well as those people that perform or are candidates for positions of responsibility within the organization (heads of service, specialists, team leaders and other middle managers).