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Antonio Villafuerte Martín
• Present some of the main e-commerce management decisions, as well as the commercial tools and techniques for Attracting-Converting-Retaining clients, based on the company’s experience as an SME in the industry of pouf manufacture (included in the furniture industry).
• Analyze the role of the different marketing channels available today: proprietary web, generalist marketplaces such as Amazon, specialized marketplaces, other online intermediaries, traditional brick & mortar stores, offline customers via traditional commercial networks, call centers, etc. Also, reflect on the criteria that should be followed to decide, combine, design, and manage these channels, and precautions to bear in mind in each case.
• Reflect on the main differences and significant similarities there are between the commercial strategy of e-commerce businesses and traditional businesses. Analyze and contrast the limitations and potential of both.
• Analyze possible synergies between the digital and the physical in order to maximize business potential, especially that of an SME. Stress the idea that, contrary to what many say nowadays, it makes no sense to have a commercial strategy focused solely on the Internet, just like it makes no sense to do the opposite and focus on the brick & mortar disregarding the online possibilities. Both channels should complement each other, especially when the product is a tangible good as in this case.
• Reflect on the best options to grow in an online based SME, noting that: first, the fundamentals of an online growth strategy do not differ much from those of a traditional business growth strategy, and second, that ideally, we should understand how online and traditional commerce can complement


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