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Industry 4.0, a practical view

Enrique Garrido Martínez
This note will try to provide ideas and method to those managers interested in operational challenges for 21st century and, in particular, in the concept of industry 4.0. Managers will be helped to reflect on some questions that they may ask themselves: Can the industry 4.0 concepts help to maintain my competitive advantage? How to face the technological transformation in the company? What are the key levers? How to update the strategic plan accordingly? What is the best time to drive change? What should be the rhythm of change? What are the profiles required and how to encourage a team to support and drive the transformation? The answers to these questions are crucial to be adapted and survived to this new environment.


Operation Digital Digital Transformation Innovation Innovation in the mature business Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Digitalization


Production, Technology and Operations Management




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