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Hero Baby Southern Europe

José Luis García del Pueyo| Carmen Gómez González
Hero is a Swiss multinational with a history of over a hundred years. Although the company traditionally manufactured jams, it entered the infant feeding market in 1985 when it carried out a test that began in Spain.

Hero has three major international divisions: jams, cereals, and baby food. However, this case focuses on the infant food division, called Hero Baby, and more specifically on the three markets of the Southern European division: Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

To alleviate the effects of the constant changes in consumer trends, involving mainly convenience and health, Hero’s new CEO in Southern Europe decided in 2018 to overhaul Hero Baby’s marketing. As a result, many recipes and formulations, as well as packaging, advertising strategy, digital presence, and the approach to distribution channels changed.”


Customer Centric Ominchannel E-Commerce Social media Food and nutrition safety Innovation in the food sector


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