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Glamping Hub: Creating a new tourism market place

Bassem Nwelati Artillo| José Luis García del Pueyo
Despite the growth of recent years and after having obtained almost 3 million euros between investment and financing, Glamping Hub continues to lose €100,000 in cash per month and only has 10 months of liquidity left. The founding partners, the company's main executives, must present an action plan to the Board of Directors with a double purpose: i) to keep strategic investors excited so that they continue investing in the business; ii) establish an ambitious strategy to attract the interest of new investors Glamping hub is a market place specialized in a very particular type of tourist establishment, Glamping (glamour camping). Headquartered in Spain, its main market is in the US and Australia. In 2017 they are the leaders of the segment by volume of reserves but their business metrics present some elements of improvement that do not end up convincing part of their investors, who differ on some of the lines to draw on the business. The case will serve to explain the business model of a tourist market place, identifying the business operations, as well as the need that many startups face, directing towards the market and directing towards investors, the two engines that make a new company with high potential can keep pace in the sector.


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