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In December 2007, the directors of Gallina Blanca-Star, arise what actions need to rush to get curb-and, if possible, reverse-falling sales and margins erosion Avecrem. The company's flagship product, has been suffering in recent years. The case traces the rise of Avecrem and his ongoing fight against commoditization, through the development of new applications and market segments and employment, particularly effective communication. With over 50 years keeping the Spanish market leadership in late 2007 is a particularly complex with an environment characterized by the white and the loss of customers, both Avecrem as in the overall category.

The latest innovations and improvements that have been introduced in the range have failed to break that trend. In addition, a looming economic crisis managers Gallina Blanca-Star think it may have significant effects on consumption. They raise the question of what to do before the circumstances and how to face the future of such an important product for the company: What have been the basis for that product has had a long and fruitful life so? What is the best decision you can make right now: launch new products complete the range, support more Avecrem and delay these new releases, redefine the price ...? Would it be feasible to re-vitalize, once again, the product and category as it had done on other occasions throughout history? In what ways could be achieved?


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