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    San Telmo Business School against COVID-19
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    San Telmo Business School
    Better people, better companies,
    better society

Welcome to San Telmo
Business School

Well aware of the challenges that both companies as well as public and private sector institutions must face, San Telmo Business School has decided to develop professional training activities, some of which are unique in Europe. The aim is to help people in Senior Management in their decision-making processes to take increasingly fair and more sensible decisions as well as to run their firms effectively whilst respecting those collaborating with them. The Institute has as its fundamental aim the development of the management skills of those who participate in its programmes.


A unique
space in which to growth

San Telmo Business School is one of the most renowned Business Schools in Spain, in which professional training is carried out in line with the true entrepreneurial reality and geared towards, above all, the professionals’ needs. Both new students as well as those who have already completed its different programmes comprise an elite entrepreneurial group, for which Networking becomes one of its differentiating advantages.

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Open Day Bidafarma Madrid


HOUR: 16:00 h.

Juan Paneque Macías




HOUR: 08:00 h.

José Antonio Boccherini Bogert
Julio Audicana Arcas
Santi Aliaga, CEO Zyrcular Foods
Dr. Daniel Ramón, VP R&D Human Nutrition and Health, ADM. Imprenditore. Ricercatore e professore universitario. Membro della Royal Academy of Engineering