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Coca-Cola European Partners. From the Iberian Peninsula to Europe (B)

Jorge Bernal González-Villegas| Antonio García de Castro| Gloria Ocaña Derqui
Since the early 1950s and for almost 50 years, the Spanish bottler model for the Atlanta company, The Coca Cola Company, remained almost the same. In 2011, old sounds of merger resonated stronger in Spain driven by the economic environment, changes in the sector and the TCCC President. Despite initial rejections from shareholder families, in June 2013 eight Iberian companies merged to form Coca Cola Iberian Partners. Three years later it took place the European merger: COCA-COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS, the world's largest bottler of the North American company.
Case Study (B) presents the achievement of the European merger, the description of the basic data of the merged companies and the challenges that were brewing for the future.


Strategy Merger Food and Beverage Change Management Company Policy Agri-food marketing


Company Policy










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