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Cherkizovo Group: Russia’s Leading meat producer

Manuel González-Toruño | Anylu Vidal Romero
In 2016, Cherkizovo Group was the largest meat producer in Russia. 65% of the shares were in the hands of the founder and his family and the remaining 35% was listed on the stock exchange markets of Moscow and London. Over the past six years, the group's net profit had grown an average of 25% per year, thanks to organic growth and acquisitions. However, the group faced new and important challenges: How could they find growth opportunities in a scenario of declining consumer income and falling meat prices? How could they meet the increasing distributors’ demands regarding level of service? Was it the right time to acquire more companies? Was Cherkizovo prepared to export or even go abroad and be competitive at international level?


Russia Strategy Meat Food Holding International business Growth Consumer Industry Competitiveness


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