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Seating Matters 2020, Being lean and geniun in crisis Times

Miguel Ángel Llano Irusta| Rob Healy
In the spring of 2020, Seating Matters, had worked to design a rapid-deployment bed for temporary field hospitals. They were making beds for use in temporary hospitals after coming up with a new design. There were excellent beds from bed companies. A simple medical bed in a flat pack, which can free up the more expensive beds for the patients who need them the most. As healthcare workers battle against the Covid-19 virus, it was important that companies like Seating Matters did whatever they could to provide the back up support they need. The case describes the history of the company and how it had become a world leader in the lean philosophy, which in times of crisis had allowed it to quickly develop hospital products that helped alleviate the ravages that the pandemic was causing.


Lean Values Process Waste Covid 19 Innovation


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