The leaders of the main foodstuff companies of the world meet once again in Miami

Entrepreneurs, Presidents and General Managers came together in this city to discuss the challenges facing the food sector during the third global seminar organized by this Business School

On May 2, 3 and 4, the Instituto Internacional San Telmo offered its World Agri-Food Seminar in Miami (SAM 2018) for the third consecutive year.

The Food Chain in which we compete; innovation and growth in mature markets; innovation as the grounding for sustainability; productivity in the primary sector; how to revitalize apparently mature businesses; digitization in the sector; global strategy and local competitive levers; nutrition for a better and nutrigenomic life were some of the topics that were tackled during the conference, always from the viewpoint of corporate governance.

To embark upon these issues, renowned professionals from the sector were also on-hand to offer their thoughts. Amongst others: Pablo Vargas, Executive President of Café Britt; Manuel Julián Dávila Abondano, Executive President and CEO of the Daabon Group; Joaquín Zavala, General Manager of Comasa; José Manuel Segovia, Managing Director of Granjazul; Luis T. de Arriba Hervás, CEO of The Aggregate Value, expert in the retail sector in the US and Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, President Emeritus of Nestlé.

SAM 2018 was held in the Smith auditorium of the Northern Trust Bank. It was aimed at chairpersons, presidents, CEOs, board members and senior executives, which allowed for attendees to accumulate valuable experiences and bolster their network of contacts.

Miami Agri-Food Seminar

San Telmo classrooms have been attended by the heads of the main companies in the food chain of Spain, other neighboring countries and foreign multinationals based in this country. This factor has made it possible for high-level relationships to be established, new businesses to emerge and synergies to develop. 

This is one of the reasons why, knowing that they have been able to help many entrepreneurs and managers from the sector, they intend to replicate their teachings in other parts of the world. Antonio García de Castro, Managing Director of this business school comments in this regard that they have a wonderful project, possibly the most ambitious for them in the coming years "we want to bring all our knowledge and experience in the food sector to entrepreneurs and managers the world over, thus to bring that tradition to areas of the globe offering high potential. " 

In this way, in order to meet the demand of the American market, San Telmo devised in 2016 a first seminar in Miami, whose approach was especially aimed at owners and senior managers of Latin American companies. On that occasion, almost one hundred Presidents and Managing Directors, from fourteen different countries, met at this professional workshop to discuss the challenges facing the food sector. It was a meeting and debate point for the leaders of companies at the forefront of the food sector, which allowed them to share experiences and testimonies with those who, like them, face the reality of a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, more complex and volatile.