San Telmo Business School in Campo de Gibraltar

The business school of reference in Andalusia, San Telmo Business School, has organized in Los Barrios, in collaboration with GUADACORTE, the open day: "Amazon: a massive distributor."

During the event, more than fifty businesspeople and managers from Campo de Gibraltar discussed, using a case study, the Amazon’s business model and a retail business model, both online and offline, as well as their evolution.

On the other hand, there was an interesting debate moderated by Enrique Garrido, Prof. of this business school, on the role that Amazon marketplace plays for SMEs, which many companies use to market their products.

Global training program focused on SMEs

Durante la jornada también hubo tiempo para hablar del Programa Pymex, único programa en España especializado en Dirección de Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas y que imparte esta escuela de negocios en sus sedes de Málaga y Sevilla. Este programa, que se desarrolla un día a la semana (lunes), reúne durante un año a alrededor de 50 jóvenes directivos y empresarios con un perfil medio de 36 años de edad y 12 años de experiencia.

During the day there was also time to talk about the Pymex Program, the only program in Spain focused on managerial skills from Small and Medium Enterprises, provided by this business school in both headquarters Malaga and Seville. This program, which takes place one day per week (Monday), brings together around 50 young managers and businesspeople with an average of 36 years of age and 12 years of experience.

Through the case study, participants are exposed to four or five real-life cases weekly. Like this, "they undergo an intense assimilation of practical experiences that, at the end of the program, will be equivalent to years of professional experience," says Emérito Bejar, Executive Director of the PYMEX Program.

On the other hand, it is a global program, that is to say, it covers all areas of knowledge of the company, because it is for people who occupy or will occupy positions of responsibility (managers, CEOs or entrepreneurs), who have the obligation and need to have knowledge enough to be able to interpret the information they receive, make correct diagnosis, propose the best alternatives and make decisions considering how they will impact each area of the organization. In a similar way, in spite of being a global program, special attention is paid to the characteristics of SMEs, with particular focus in family matters.


A business school of reference

Since its foundation in 1982, more than 11,000 entrepreneurs and senior managers of companies and private institutions have carried out programs at San Telmo Business School. They look to improve their business strategy, skills and performance and, at the end of each course, participants have reinforced their willingness to make good decisions and generate wealth. In other words: "our students undergo a radical life transformation”. There is a before and after," says Arancha Loriente Director of Activities and Head of San Telmo Business School in Campo de Gibraltar.

Both the Pymex and the other programs of the business school have been designed to adapt the training to the needs of businesspeople and managers, in order to improve their work performance. “Participants discover their potential, some of them hidden strengths, as well as their weaknesses,” says José María Camacho, Deputy Director of Alumni Department.