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Restalia: 100 Montaditos Bar

Miguel Ángel Llano Irusta| Silvia Rodríguez Bouzo
Brewery 100 Montaditos is the history of a company of franchise of restoration. It is born inmediately after the crises of the 90. The case narrates the organization and the model of business used by the founder to grow of the year 2000 to 2008 of being a company that starts with a place of 20 square meters in Islantilla, Huelva, Spain, to be a group with 120 franchises throughout Spain with projection of diversification and internationalization. In the case is narrated the sector of the Spanish Fast Food and the singular characteristics of the organizationand the business model of the franchise. They present the challlenges propitiated by the crisis of 2008 and give the bases in order to the pupil realizes an exposition of future.


Retailer Organization Production Suppliers Internationalization Agroalimentario Empresa Familiar Mercado Exterior Internacional Producción Organización


Production, Technology and Operations Management










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