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Peñarroya Chair of Tourism

Costa del Sol has a huge potential for the tourism sector. Tourism has been one of the main sources of economic and social development in Spain, Andalusia and, particularly, Costa del Sol.

Malaga must be the research and development academic center of the tourism industry in order to strengthen all its institutions and organizations in a way in which their managers and executives could have a place to think about the features of the sector and, therefore, consolidate the industry over the next decades.

Employees from tourism-related institutions and companies are continuously looking for better practices because of the current changes in technology, ISs, customers’ habits and new alternatives to traditional tourism.


San Telmo Business School created the Peñarroya Chair of Tourism as an academic research center to deliver practical and operative knowledge to the major players of the tourism sector. That knowledge may allow them to be at the forefront of the industry and consolidate the tourism sector in Spain.

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  • Developing knowledge, together with the major players of the tourism sector, in order to allow them to improve and consolidate the tourism industry in Costa del Sol.
  • Proposing a place of strategic thinking based on research in order to find better development ways for tourism in Andalusia.
  • Thinking about how and when taking practical and operative actions to position every company in the best strategic place possible.
  • Envisioning new ways to offer business and finding the most satisfactory experience for current and future customers by assessing several processes within the organizations and defining the most appropriate institutional set-up.
  • Analyzing the possibility of gathering several major players of the value chain together through bonds, agreements or clusters, in order to launch new ways of improving competitiveness of tourism in Costa del Sol.


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Writing case studies about companies with the intention of creating competitive advantages within their scope of action.

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Writing teaching notes to analyze the types of problems and decision-making issues about the tourism industry in depth.

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Carrying out teaching sessions in which some part of the academic material will be taught.

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Periodic call for business schools and universities that want to present case studies of companies or initiatives in the sector.

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Publishing publications from articles and teaching notes.

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Carrying out sessions addressed to all alumni and managers interested in knowing more about the issues collected in some of the cases written under the Chair.

Advisory Board

In addition to the executive and academic board of the Peñarroya Chair of Tourism, there is a collegiate body, the Advisory Board, which advises and recommends lines of research, helps to determine the activities and defines how the Chair works.

Collaborating Companies

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