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Process analysis: Terms, basic concepts and tools

Raimundo Gómez del Sol
First, the document lists the way companies compete and the operational capabilities they need for competing.
The example of a custom framing business is used to explain useful concepts and tools in the analysis of processes.
A process flowchart is used to define the concepts of operations and resources.
Operation times, resource occupation times, as well as process and cycle times, are defined using a table that includes operations, resources, and times.
A Gantt chart is explained to provide a graphic image of any overlap of operations, the process cycles, and resource occupation times in each cycle.
The process’ operational performance parameters are defined and calculated: capacity, productivity, flexibility, and speed of delivery.
Cumulative input and output tables and graphs, using wait times and the average inventory in the processes


Processes Capacity Productivity Flexibility Speed Operation Manufacture Stocks Programming Methodology


Production, Technology and Operations Management




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